Try 100 Days of Happy

Some days happy takes more effort than others. Right?

I was scrolling through my Facebook memories a few months ago and saw two years ago where I had started 100 Days of Happy. I had been inspired by a friend’s gratitude posts, so each day for 100 Days I had shared something that made me happy that day.

It was time to try it again.

I even changed the rules. If I missed a day of posting on Facebook, I missed a day. I may have 100 Days of Happy over 115 days. So what? (My former perfectionist ways would not have allowed for that – you know, being human. But that’s another post…).

Over the past few months, change kept coming. Friends have passed. Loved ones have lost people. Started a new fitness plan (Whoot whoot!). Contracts shrunk. Contracts grew. Took my first two-week vacation in ten-plus years (aahhhhhh). Dogs had medical tests (All good for the moment!). Moved my office.

But every day, I looked for something to be happy about. And it worked. And people asked me why I did 100 Days of Happy. Because I felt better. When the negative crept in, I looked for something good. I ain’t perfect, but looking for something small to appreciate makes for a better life and for better work.

Research in the Harvard Business Review agrees. In Positive Teams Are More Productive, they found that employees who are caring, kind, and happy led to greater teamwork, creativity, employee loyalty, and productivity. And a significantly higher bottom line.

Today I bought a new hanging for my office from the awesome Anne McShane at The Feel Good Store. I intend to hang it where I can see it while I work:

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” ~ Buddha

Life is good. We can be happy. Now. When are you starting your 100 Days of Happy?

UPDATE: My cousin-in-law Dan decided to take up the challenge on Facebook. Exciting to see how you can spread the good vibes! Are you ready to accept the #100DaysofHappy challenge?

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