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You’re Not a Superhero

Remember I told you about moving into a new office last month? When the movers left, I headed to the university to teach a class.

Wham! A young woman rear-ended my car in traffic. (Spoiler alert: I’ll be fine.)

I checked on the other driver and then made the usual phone calls – police, the university to say I’d be late, my physiotherapist Denise for an appointment, and hubby.

Standing there waiting for the police, the ache spread into my back and neck. I whined to myself, “Seriously, life? I still need to unpack my office, I’ve work deadlines, and I just started spin classes.”

Later, after teaching my class with a crazy headache, I headed for medical care. (By the way, going to work immediately was a bad decision. I highly recommend not being a superhero, rescheduling work, and heading straight for medical care. But somehow, I thought the earth would stop moving without me.)

The next day at Denise (who is Ah-MAZING and specializes in helping people stay active later in life) gave me strengthening exercises.

More important was her advice about moving forward, “Let your husband drive for the next week. Let him look after you. Do what you can at work. No more. Ask for help unpacking your boxes. I know you hate this. It’s only a setback, but to get better, you’re going to need help for a bit.”

As my husband reminds me all the time, we are a team. It’s okay to lean on people sometimes, even when you wish you could do it alone. And in addition to hubby’s help, I hired someone to help me unpack.

This week, who can you ask for help with a project at work? How can you help a colleague? What can you do as a team at home to make more time for fun together? Make one change so no one has to be a superhero.

Catherine Doucette MEd, CTDP is a Training and Performance Consultant who delivers customized business communication and leadership training and helps businesses grow through strategic planning and creative problem solving.


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