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Part 1 – Start with a Goal

Sometimes I am asked to adult education-ify existing staff training – usually it’s a series of lectures masquerading as training.

Creating effective staff training with measure results starts at the beginning of development. 

Start with the end in mind – a measurable goal.

What do you want the other person or the group to be able to do when you’re one? Your aim could be to:

1 Write an effective project report 

2 Explain the best reasons to buy product X to a customer

3 Improve their presentation skills

That is a starting point. Be more specific. Does the company have a standard for the report formate or style? How long should the task take? Does it have to 100% correct or is 80% enough?

How will you know when you get there unless you are both clear on the destination?

The general aim statement above could become…

1 Write a project report on your own using and according to the company template with the use of proper grammar, no typos, and a reading level of grade nine or less.

2 Describe orally in simple language the top two benefits of product X to non-technical customer in 1 minute or less, not using any reference material and according to the company sales guidelines. 

3 Present orally a project summary report to the Board of Directors in three to five minutes including slides, as per the company guidelines and at least 80% correct as per the speaking skills checklist from training.

Having a specific goal and sharing it with staff helps both you and the person(s) you’re training focus on what needs to be done in training.

Whether it’s training or another project, how can you make your goal specific and measurable this week?

Watch for Part Two to learn more about effective training strategies anyone can use.

Catherine Doucette MEd, CTDP is a Training and Performance Consultant who delivers customized business communications and leadership programs that produce measurable results. 

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