A new view of perfectionists.

That’s exactly what marketing guru and best-selling author Seth Godin called perfectionists on a recent Boiling Point podcast.


As a recovering perfectionist, I started to take offence.

Then I realized that he was right.

Perfectionism is really worrying about what everyone else will think of your work. Otherwise you would put it out there – whatever it means for you. It could be applying for the promotion. Sharing your ideas at a meeting. Volunteering in the community. Or for me, recording videos for my website and social media (Yes, I said it, so I now need to start making them this year. Gulp.)

Why is perfectionism selfish?

Because you came here to do your best work, and you’re not sharing it. 

Your family, your team, your customers, and your community would love to benefit from your work. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be as good as the person with 20 more years of experience or a million-dollar budget. It just has to be your best work.

You won’t grow if you’re stuck in the mud of perfectionism.

You are here. You have something to contribute. And we want to know more about what you can do.

Don’t let fear of what others may think or say stop you. Adopt a growth mindset. Be open to feedback. Do that thing that scares you so much. Chances are you won’t be perfect. That’s okay.

Every time you step out, it’s practice. You’ll get better.

What will you do this week to leave your perfectionist self behind and be unselfish as you share your best work with the world?


Catherine Doucette MEd, CTDP is a Training and Performance Consultant who delivers customized business communications and leadership programs that produce measurable results. 







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