Afraid You’re Being Ignored?

May 15, 2018

3 Simple Ways to Ensure People Will Read Your Email

Email is a tool that you either love or hate. But either way, it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, studies show we spend 17 hours per week …

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Executive Summary

Write an Executive Summary People Will Love

January 15, 2018

Or They Won’t Read Your Report

Your Executive Summary is arguably the most important section of a document. It gives the reader a quick view of the report, proposal, or strategy. 

In fact, the Executive Summary is your elevator pitch.

People often start with the Executive …

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4 Rules of Delegation

March 6, 2017

Clear Instructions Save Time

Have you ever been delegated work and wondered what someone meant? Or has your team wasted time going in the wrong direction because they didn’t understand what you really meant?

Here are five things to consider …

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Write with Smaller Words

February 6, 2017

Lower the Reading Level to be Effective

We know that we need to be clear and concise in business. Yet there’s one very common mistake that managers, marketers, students, and most everyone makes in their reports, emails, and websites.

When …

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7 Steps to Writing Clear Emails

January 30, 2017

Follow a simple formula

Emails can be confusing. Maybe it’s because we receive so many of them. Perhaps it’s because we are in a rush. It’s likely you have had several emails go back and forth to clarify something when …

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holiday messages

Bad for Business Holiday Messages

December 12, 2016

What Holiday Cards Are You Sending?

I know the holidays are just around the corner, so I had to share few words about holiday messages.

Here is the big lesson for today…

Greeting cards are for greetings. That’s it!

They are …

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writer’s block

Break Up with Writer’s Block

December 5, 2016

Get Writing Now

Years ago, it was the empty page that stared back at us during writer’s block. Today that cursor and on the screen blinks at us, begging us to get started. But what if you feel like you …

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Stop Making Ugly Documentss

Stop Creating Ugly Documents

December 27, 2015

6 design steps for better proposals, reports and handouts

1 Be font friendly

The font refers to your typeface. Commonly used fonts include Arial and Times New Roman. Use serif fonts for most text. Serifs are squigglies in letters. …

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Training and the C Word

July 30, 2013

Who Owns the Rights?

Have you ever gone to a meeting and had someone take credit for your work? Annoying, isn’t it? Ever have someone steal money from you? I bet you were not amused.

That’s why I want to …

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Concise Writing ~ 5 Tips for Modern Times: Guest Post

February 27, 2013

Concise writing is more important than ever before.

The art of writing has changed. How we write has had to change because how we read has changed. And all of this is because society has changed.

We can probably blame …

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