One-On-One Leadership Training

One One One Leadership TrainingWhen your experienced employees are put into leadership roles, it is vital that they need to gain the skills to engage and inspire their team. In addition, it’s a great tool for succession planning, so you train your future leaders now.

Our customized one-on-one process begins by analyzing an individual’s strengths and opportunities for growth as a leader. Working together, we develop measurable goals for the one-on-one program, which meet both the organization’s and the individual’s professional objectives.

Through regular sessions by phone or in person, we meet those personalized goals using include hands-on, practical learning activities on topics, such as:

  • Understanding self and others
  • Effective communication methods
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Conflict negotiation
  • Power versus influence
  • Constructive feedback (acceptance and providing to others)
  • Facilitating groups and leading teams
  • Motivating self and others
  • And more