Performance, Pressure, and Productivity

Performance, Pressure and ProductivityPressure and stress, if not handled well, can cost your organization great employees and even clients.

A smoothly run project or series of projects means a great team is working diligently behind the scenes. Juggling long hours challenges even the best of professionals over time.

We can help your team to work smarter with customized training to:

  • Recognize the difference between pressure and stress, and implement the right strategies to save time and energy
  • Assess your emotional and social intelligence to identify strengths and implement a plan to expand your skillset
  • Fuel a positive outlook to enhance productivity and employee retention
  • Encourage compliance and sell new ideas for deliberate organizational change and growth

"Catherine’s Less Pressure, More Productivity workshop is practical and offers some great coping mechanisms. Catherine made obstacles feel manageable. She created a feeling of comradery. The training really resonated with people."

Sarah Jones, Program Coordinator, ArtsLink NB