Training Skills For Trainers

Training Skills For TrainersDo you have subject matter experts on staff who need help training others? Do you have team members who think that a PowerPoint and a lecture is effective training? But you know that doesn’t work.

Training is not a spectator sport. The best training is experiential.

Research proves that people learn and retain the most skills when they are active participants, not passive recipients.

Your staff will learn to build, facilitate, and evaluate training through our customized approach, including how to:

  • Assess an employee group’s skills so training focuses on skills gaps
  • Prepare and implement an evaluation strategy with measurable goals to demonstrate the results of your training program
  • Develop training materials with the appropriate format and reading level to increase learning and retention
  • Ditch the lecture and facilitate hands-on learning activities that suit a variety of learning styles and are based on real-life situations within your organization or industry
  • Manage challenging situations while engaging learners in training