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Customized Learning Journey

The Customized Leadership JourneyTM provides a hands-on, practical leadership and communications training program with measurable results that is built specifically for your organization or team.

Why Invest in this Journey?

Your employees are your greatest asset. The Customized Leadership JourneyTM focuses on the unique profile of your team and their experience. It centres on learning activities based in real life that connect the new skills to your employees’ roles.

This approach makes the best use of your training dollar and your staff’s time.

The program doesn’t stop at training. Your Customized Leadership JourneyTM has supports built-in to ensure your team’s new skills are used on the job.


How It Works

It all begins with a Training Needs Assessment . We examine issues, such as employee strengths, required skillset, and barriers to training (schedules, distance, literacy, etc.), to determine the best system to train your staff.

Why choose a training needs assessment instead of using off-the-shelf training?

  • To define and prioritize training opportunities and challenges for the organization so your training time is well spent
  • To demonstration that your costs are realistic and based upon careful analysis
  • To ask for employee input, which builds support of and increases engagement in training

The next step – which is often missed – is developing your Evaluation Strategy. This plan will ensure that you gather the right information and metrics to identify the impact of the training on your team and your organization.

At this stage, we design a Transfer Plan to ensure that the new skills get transferred or used on the job. This ensures training has the desired impact on the organization.

Your unique Measurable Learning Objectives then guide the design of your Customized, Practical, Hands-on Training Program. We create activities suitable to your team and their learning styles. What works for a team in one industry or business may not work for another.

Clients love that we have experience working with diverse groups of people, including new and experienced leaders in health care, information technology, professional services, supply chain, industrial construction, and more.

Once the customized training system is created for your team, our Facilitation Method during training encourages your team to work together and learn from each other, as well as from the instructor.

Participants have opportunities for practice and feedback before they are evaluated against your learning objectives, and then the balance of the Evaluation Strategy is implemented to demonstrate the training’s value to your organization.

Your team will love this extraordinary journey to learning.

You will love the measurable results.

Ready to take your leaders to the next level?

Ready to take your leaders to the next level?

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