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Do You Work with Difficult People?

February 19, 2018

Or Are You Not listening?

Last week Natasha and Paul of Natasha’s Wedding and Events spoke to my students at the New Brunswick Community College. Natasha’s company offers a full service boutique specializing in wedding and event planning.

With more than 200 …

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Email escalates conflict

Email Escalates Conflict

August 15, 2016

Email is tone-deaf. Choose another medium.

Recently a regular client sent me an email asking me to start a new project, but the message about the conditions of the project were confusing to me.

I quickly responded to the email …

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Business Ain’t the Place for Games

May 27, 2016

Communicate Directly and Respectfully

The rules of communication are simple. Be direct. Be honest. Be respectful. That means you speak directly with a person when you have an issue with his or her actions.

It reminds me of a situation …

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