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needs assessment

Adult Education-ify

August 13, 2013

Adult education principles create effective training

I once worked with a manager who wanted me to adult education-ify an existing three-day training program in a few hours. (Code for take a few days of lectures with the odd activity and …

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Are You Forgetting Someone?

July 4, 2013

Training Needs Assessment’s Key Players

Have a question? Turn to the expert. Makes sense, right? Yet in a training needs assessment¬† (learning needs analysis), the expert cannot provide the whole picture. …

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Writing Effective Surveys: 12 Important Tips

February 18, 2013

Effective Surveys ensures the training data you gather is valid

Whether you are preparing a smile sheet to gather information about your staff’s reaction to the training or preparing tools for a needs assessment, create balanced questionnaire or effective surveys. …

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