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Stop Making Ugly Documentss

Stop Creating Ugly Documents

December 27, 2015

6 design steps for better proposals, reports and handouts

1 Be font friendly

The font refers to your typeface. Commonly used fonts include Arial and Times New Roman. Use serif fonts for most text. Serifs are squigglies in letters. …

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10 Steps to Public Speaking

November 29, 2015

You can do this!

1     Prepare. Prepare.
Know your stuff when you’re speaking. Even famous speakers prepare. It may be the same topic, but every group is different.

2   Use your own words.
People can spot a fake. Your uniqueness …

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Fall Flat on Your Face ~ I Dare You

March 7, 2013

“Even if you fall flat on your face, you’re still moving forward.” Victor Kiam

Taking a risk where you may fall flat on your face is about taking the risk and growing. Imagine how different your life would be if …

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