Use “Not Yet” to Gain a Growth Mindset

January 3, 2017

Growth comes from your attitude.

The Growth Mindset is persistence. It’s vision. It’s focus. And it’s allowing yourself to not be perfect, to not be ‘there’ now whatever your goal or dream is.

Recently I watched Carol S. Dweck, PhD

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5 Techniques for Positive Power

January 29, 2013

Maybe you didn’t sleep last night, or you received bad news. Or you’re worried about money or that meeting at work. And you start begging Life to not add to your challenges today of all days.

Staying positive is a …

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The One Woman Show Doesn’t Exist

January 25, 2013

Neither does the one man show. We all have had help climbing the steps to success. Here is a quick list of the ways people have helped me: …

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Woofs of Wisdom for Living

May 9, 2012

My name is Angie. I’m the one with the pretty face. That silly black dog on the right is my brother Lucas. (Trish Manuel made us look so good!) Our mom is Catherine Doucette. She has been working …

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