Why the Turtle

Sea TurtleThe sea turtle is a symbol of creativity, wisdom, longevity, and strength in so many cultures around the world. They survived the dinosaurs, the Ice Age, and a 200-million-year journey by adapting and growing.

These magnificent creatures also tell the story of our company’s values.

Measurable Impact

Training built specifically for your team is the best way to teach people how to adapt, like the sea turtle, to each new situation in your organization or industry. We customize your program with measurable goals for the training. Hands-on. Practical. Based on real life. From executives to tradespeople, from professional communicators to those with low literacy, we believe everyone deserves training that works for them.

And we also design systems to support and measure the new approaches on the job, so your new skills become accepted best practices at your workplace.

Lifelong Learning

Being open to personal and professional change can be scary for any leader. Sea turtles take that voyage with an adventurous heart, travelling thousands of miles each year. Apply your new skills from training. Make mistakes. Adjust. Be kind to yourself. Have fun while you learn. Get creative at work. Learn more. Make more mistakes. Grow even more.


We empower you by providing new knowledge and skills and supporting your ongoing development. By practicing those skills and continuing to learn, you can nurture and empower your new leaders.


Sea turtles are fearless innovators, navigating through waters around the globe. We follow their lead, continuing to explore new ways and new technologies to help you engage and enjoy learning through classroom training, one-on-one programs, and eLearning.

After all, we are meant to enjoy the journey.